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Tough Exterior, lush Interior

This project was also about one material: concrete. Almost the entire facade is constructed using exposed concrete.

Many of the interior walls were also created using pre-cast concrete components.

JANS Creutz Partners Foyer


Project Completion

September 2019

Total Area

> 3000 m²


Beiler, Luxembourg


2 + 2 underground car parks


PLAN76, Luxembourg


Creutz & Partners

JANS Creutz Partners Außen

An Outstanding Reception Area

The protruding ceiling above the reception area was constructed as a single pre-cast exposed concrete component, one feature that gives this designer office building its robust, vibrant appearance.

Welcome to the Jungle

The challenge of this project was realizing a building almost exclusively out of concrete while ensuring that the design didn’t become cold and lifeless. The solution came in the form of plenty of greenery inside the building, and a vertical garden designed by Patrick Blanc.

JANS Case Study Creutz AG 07

Renewable Heat from Underground

For the client, it was vital that a building of this size was heated as sustainably as possible. Drill holes underneath the second underground car park enable the use of geothermal energy drawn from underground, which is used to heat the entire office renewably.

JANS Creutz Partners Office
JANS Creutz Partners Grafitti

Concrete as far as the Eye can See

The interior walls of this concrete structure were also manufactured using pre-cast exposed concrete components.

JANS Creutz Partners Office 2
JANS Creutz Partners Blick von draußen
JANS Creutz Partners Office Grafitti

In addition, the concept is continued with the atrium benches in the atrium and the elements in the small courtyard – all made of pre-cast exposed concrete. A surface that is ideal for graffiti art.

JANS Creutz Partners Außen hoch

Photographs by Serge Brison, Jeroen Verrecht, and Dave Bruel für Creutz & Partners, an acclaimed asset management company in Luxembourg.

Tough Exterior, lush Interior
JANS Case Study Steve Marquis 09
JANS Steve Marquis Portrait
JANS Case Study Steve Marquis 03

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