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JANS Creutz Partners Außen

Custom Major Construction Projects

Schools, swimming pools, retirement homes, parking spaces, sporting facilities and halls, childcare centers, and college and university buildings are just as much a part of our portfolio as single-family homes and apartment buildings.

Major Construction Project School

Major Construction Project School

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The Bigger the Better

We are a one-stop-shop for the entire project: from design to realization and handover. When it comes to public buildings, we focus on fire protection systems, emergency exits, and accessibility.

We also place a high value on energy efficiency to reduce heating and operating costs and sustainably conserve our environment.

Our experts work together right from day one, taking on a key role in your project every step of the way to ensure the highest possible quality standard.

JANS Creutz Partners Foyer

Photographs by Serge Brison, Jeroen Verrecht, and Dave Bruel für Creutz & Partners, an acclaimed asset management company in Luxembourg.