Wood is a natural material and an essential element when building a house.

JANS holzbau

Wood is a natural material and an essential element when building a house.
More and more clients are deciding on having their houses built solely with this natural material. Whether as a timber-framed construction with panels in solid wood or as a massive wood construction, wood can be handled to suit all tastes.

Thanks to a professional team of joiners, roofers and carpenters, the JANS groupe can make dreams of an individual wooden home come true. But what are the advantages of a house made of wood?

Choosing a wooden house can primarily be seen as forward-looking. This ecological, natural and high-quality material enables house dreams to be realized in far less time than would be needed for traditional construction. Another important aspect lies in the sense of wellbeing and comfort, created by a wooden house. Wood has excellent insulating properties and naturally regulates room temperature. It’s always agreeably warm in winter and pleasantly cool in summer.

With JANS holzbau, we build a comfortable and high-quality home. We focus on sustainability and energy efficiency and construct custom-made timber houses to suit our clients’ individual wishes.

Cooperation: Burkart Haus

The JANS groupe is constantly expanding, in order to meet the high requirements of our clients and offer them excellent quality. This is why we have been cooperating since the spring of 2018 with Burkart Haus, a vastly experienced and expert timber house construction partner from Renchen in the Black Forest.
Burkart Haus has been active in Germany for over 50 years. The traditional family business has specialized in building timber houses and has completed more than 850 projects for its clients over the years. From new buildings and renovations to conversions and extensions, it has created custom solutions and dream homes for its customers.

High standards of quality, sustainability, environmental protection, energy efficiency and individuality are the JANS groupe’s top priorities. Burkart Haus brings together all these values in its work. As a result, we have opted to cooperate with this competent and qualified partner, giving us a chance to expand our portfolio and offer our clients custom-built, detached, timber-framed family homes.

We are still staying true to our concept – taking sole responsibility for planning, supervising and realizing all stages of the project and ensuring that our clients are accompanied throughout the entire process by a competent contact person. Property planning and construction is conducted together with Burkart Haus, with specialists from both firms joining together to make your dream home a reality.

Burkart Haus and JANS holzbau share a passion for realising your dream home with a natural building material. Detached timber-framed buildings have the advantage of a unique interior climate and excellent insulation properties. They radiate an atmosphere of warmth and coziness. Burkart Haus specializes in constructing detached houses. Thanks to this partnership, our clients can now profit from this family business’ expertise and have an exclusive, individual and energy-efficient detached timber-framed house built in Luxembourg.

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