Turnkey semi-detached house Lintgen

This exceptional, passive-design, semi-detached house has been built in the heart of Luxemburg, 20 minutes by car to the north of the capital, and is situated in a quiet, residential area of Lintgen. Thanks to a peaceful and green neighbourhood and also because of its good access to the community of Lintgen with ca. 3000 inhabitants, a primary school, a sport and music centre, club-house and festival hall, the location is highly attractive.

The house consists of two separate residential units containing completely different interiors. A common entrance leads into a divided room from which individual access to the respective house-half is possible.

The ground floor with each house-half’s spacious 2-car garage can be accessed via the shared entrance hallway. The plain, anthracite-coloured garage doors, together with the modern Trespa cladding of ground and upper floor, give the house façade a high-quality look. Its elegant simplicity is emphasized by the grey plaster façade.

Two further floors plus an attic are above the ground floor. A living area of 160 m2 is spread over each two stories of both house units and provides an exclusive atmosphere with plenty of room to move and space to relax.

Both homes have a separate dressing room and two bedrooms. The modern bathrooms are furnished with grey tiles and by using part plaster/part paint in the bathroom of the right house-half, an additional exclusive touch has been added.

Both house units are characterized by a very special selection of modern works of art and decorative elements, which impart a unique flair and set stylish accents. Large panorama windows provide masses of light in the open rooms.

The right-hand half of the house has been exclusively designed and contains a dark-coloured and very sophisticated kitchen, plus dark wall sections alternating with white walls, elegant wooden elements and an OSB-covered ceiling. Together with the warm effect of the industrial parquet, a stimulating contrast has been created, giving the house an out of the ordinary atmosphere.

A floating wooden staircase, leading from the open plan kitchen to the upper floor, is also an exceptional highlight in the unit.

The more classic, but equally stylish left house-half, features an elegant and simple design and selected tiles in the living and dining area. The same material is used for the staircase which is lit by wall spots providing a welcoming atmosphere.

The 1000 m2 property’s spacious outdoor area invites you to sunbathe behind the house or enjoy sociable evenings on the house terrace adjoining both units. A privacy screen can be installed if wished.

Turnkey semi-detached right:

Turnkey semi-detached left:

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