Triologie S.A. Leudelingen

In 2018, this modern, three-part JANS groupe office complex was erected in Leudelingen’s industrial estate, not far from the city of Luxembourg. A synthesis of modernity, sustainability and convenience.

The multifunctional building’s three blocks gave it its name – Triologie. Potential uses on a total of four floors are also manifold and make this complex an urban centre with a stylish design. In addition to office spaces, sales facilities, storage facilities and a restaurant, this complex also has a crèche. This modularity allows efficient use and adaptation to diverse needs and requirements.

The light-filled and modern office rooms are on the first and second floor and spread over 4,700 m2, providing space for everything from an individual office to a co-working space. Several office premises have direct access to both roof terraces, where office workers can work or spend their lunch break. The terraces have been designed with plants, shrubs and grass to create a pleasant work and relaxation environment.

Furthermore, a retail space of 3.000m2 and 2.500m2 for storage has been realized within the complex. An underground car park provides ample room for customer and employee parking.

The building’s down-to-earth design blends elegantly with the surroundings, the clinkered exterior creating a timeless elegance. Whereas, its interior is designed with exposed concrete, it also creates a timeless and classic appearance.

A special feature of the complex is the interior temperature regulation. Concrete core activation of the ceiling areas cools the rooms in summer and heats them in winter. This eco-friendly and sustainable technology creates a comfortable indoor climate regardless of the outdoor temperatures.

The industrial estate “Am Bann” in Leudelingen has been an attractive location for big names for years and the business park’s continual development has raised the local site’s quality standard and created infrastructure and convenience. With the motorway junction in close vicinity, a fast access to motorways leading to Belgium, Germany and France is guaranteed.

Weitere Projekte:

  • Sunlight falls through floor level panorama windows onto the modern dining table with a wooden top and the dining chairs in raffia look. Trees and parts of the raised property are visible outside.
  • background photo of the turnkey single-family house in Luxemburg. It shows a striking Z-shaped staircase with a railing made of exceptionally crafted wood.
  • header image shows a light-flooded room divided into a living and dining area. The room has open access from large glass fronts to the patio and garden.
  • Bild verlinkt auf die Projektseite des Schlüsselfertigen Einfamilienhauses in Greiveldingen - begehbarer Glaseinsatz im Flurboden