Lycée Technique d’Ettelbruck

Construction of an additional building for the Lycée Technique Ettelbrück

In 2016, the JANS groupe completed the construction of an additional building for the Lycée Technique Ettelbrück. This project also involved modifying the existing school building. Within just a four-month construction period, a total of 24 classrooms were created to house approximately 410 pupils and 24 teachers.

The public building was constructed entirely out of wood. Pre-fabricated wall and ceiling units made of construction lumber were assembled on-site by JANS toitures. Wood has excellent insulating qualities and ensures pleasant acoustics inside rooms.

In addition to the new school extension and conversion of the existing school building, the JANS groupe also designed and landscaped the outdoor facilities. This included creating new paths and parking spaces.


months construction period





Video showing conversion:

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