Heating systems

The construction of low-energy and passive houses has been an important element of the JANS groupe for many years. From the planning to the implementation stage, our JANS énergies team handles all the necessary sanitation, heating, ventilation, climate and solar energy work, in order to satisfy the steadily growing demands of our clients
Our JANS énergies specialists are included right from the start in the planning of the new building, and according to the client’s wishes, ventilation, climate, heating and sanitation plans are made together with the architect and taken into account during the shell construction phase. We can therefore ensure punctual completion of the turnkey property and avoid subsequent modifications of the new building, thanks to everything being provided from one single source that maintains direct coordination channels. Innovation, environmental friendliness and energy efficiency are the biggest priorities during planning and implementation and we personalise the property according to the client’s wishes. The JANS énergies repertoire also includes the design and manufacture of wellness areas. A house complemented by a sauna, a jacuzzi, a hammam or an infrared cabin, contributes to a feeling of comfort and wellbeing at home.


By using innovative sanitation installations, JANS énergies transforms your bathroom into a personal “wellness oasis”.
It makes no difference, whether this involves working on a new building, a conversion or modernization – we create your dream bathroom.


Great reasons for optimising your heating system with solar energy:
Energy loss costs money:
Many houses still have heating systems that are over 25 years old. Homeowners are often unaware of the financial and energy-related consequences of these old systems. Besides the financial disadvantages and lost energy, this outdated equipment also produces unnecessarily high carbon emissions that affect our climate and contribute to global warming.

Save energy and lower costs:
By quickly replacing their heating system with a highly efficient condensing boiler, combined with solar energy, consumers can save up to 35% on their energy bills.

Preserving resources:
The abundant energy produced by the sun is still used far too rarely as an additional element in heating and warm water preparation. When renovating or modernising your heating unit, it makes sense to think about combining your heating system with solar energy.


Good air quality is one of the basic requirements for a healthy indoor climate, regardless of whether a passive house or a “conventionally” built house is involved. An efficient mechanical or natural ventilation system is therefore of great importance.
The continuous distribution of fresh air around the house, the immediate removal of odours and the lowering of dust levels etc. are particularly important in making a house a comfortable place to live. Removing the need to open windows to air rooms avoids external noise pollution (traffic, motorway, aircraft noise, etc.). The ventilation system has another key advantage: it is also able to operate at night and, for example, dissipate heat that has accumulated in a house’s interior on a hot summer’s day.

Preserving resources:
Once fresh air has entered the house and changed temperature to a comfortable level, it is then expelled. This means that the extracted air has a higher energy level than incoming fresh air. The idea is to transfer heat from extracted air across to the incoming fresh air and thus recover 50 – 95% of the heating costs via the ventilation air.

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