Turnkey house

Whether modern or traditional, the demand for detached houses has steadily risen in recent years. The JANS groupe is a one-stop shop for realising your own personal home-ownership dreams.
In close coordination with you, we design and build your dream house from foundation slab right through to the key handover.

Once the planning phase is complete, construction time lies between 12 and 15 months. During this period, the client is accompanied by a direct contact person who coordinates interaction between the client and the various construction trades. This intensive cooperation allows the client and the contact person to foster an excellent relationship, with the building owner’s preferences able to be communicated more quickly and regular updates on the progress of construction able to be provided.

We work together with various bathroom and sanitary ware showrooms, as well as with joiners and parquet/tile flooring firms. In addition, our company building also includes a showroom featuring a whole range of fitting options and materials. The client chooses the materials, whereas all planning processes and technical details are coordinated and carried out internally.

Our detached homes are completely ready for occupation at key handover.


Client satisfaction is our number one priority.
And this is why we use only the materials that we feel are most suitable, to create a comfortable home with a pleasant indoor environment. We place particular importance on good insulation, optimal soundproofing and the use of non-toxic and non-flammable materials.

JANS immobilière stands for high-quality residences. Together with our company groups JANS constructions, JANS énergies, JANS toitures and JANS holzbau, we design and realise beautiful living space to satisfy every wish. Joint planning includes all components of the building, from design of the individual residential units through to the choice of materials, intelligent ventilation systems, the allocation of electric wiring and outdoor area landscaping. We place great importance on visual design that always fits into the existing architectonic environment. Detailed requirement specifications inform our clients right from the start, which materials are used for the interior and outer construction of the individual property.

Close cooperation enables project participation by all trades from the very beginning. Lengthy consultations are avoided and the construction period shortened and costs reduced.

Public buildings

For many years now, the JANS groupe has been realising construction projects for public buildings.
Design and planning are carried out in-house and project implementation is realised with the help of a few selected regional subcontractors. Public building requirements differ from those related to detached house construction and the conception and error-free implementation of fire protection technology, escape routes and barrier-free access play a significant role. We also focus specifically on energy efficiency and the subsequent reduction of heating and operation costs, environment protection and sustainability.

In order to offer the highest possible quality, our specialised firms work closely right from the start and are involved at every step of the decision-making process. This close cooperation continues during the building construction phase and our specialist trades work hand in hand. In Luxembourg, we have already realised a large number of public building construction projects, including schools, swimming pools, retirement homes, car parks, indoor and outdoor sports facilities, kindergartens and also universities.

Industrial buildings

Industrial buildings are functional buildings with different requirements, depending on their purpose.
Above all, it is most important that these buildings are suitable for their designated use, and designed and constructed in an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly manner. The use of sustainable components and application of intelligent heating and ventilation systems is essential when constructing industrial buildings.

Our architects offer our clients in-depth advice, plan the new construction together with our company groups and design a tailor-made building according to the clients’ wishes and requirements. With the use of metal constructions or pre-fabricated wooden or concrete elements, we can quickly and economically erect industrial buildings. Our companies JANS constructions, JANS toitures, JANS holzbau and JANS énergies attach great importance to quality, sustainability and environmental protection.

They cooperate closely right from the start and have already constructed a large number of industrial buildings in Luxembourg.

Renovation & conversion

The JANS groupe is your Luxembourg expert when dealing with the renovation and conversion of existing properties.
Our qualified employees have many years of experience in this particular field and advise our clients in all key areas. Whether it’s a case of a modern or traditional renovation, a loft extension or a cellar conversion, we meet our clients’ requirements with the highest quality standards.

Based on intensive consultation, we develop individual room concepts, which are then realised by our in-house companies. Joint planning, technical and specialist expertise as well as short coordination paths ensure top quality and a punctual building completion. This means that the property becomes exactly what our clients want – a home to feel good in or an appealing, high-quality office, that is the best advertisement for your business.

Sustainability, environmental protection and energy efficiency play a major role in our strategy. This is why extensions, conversions, conservatories and wellness areas always fulfill the highest standards.

Outdoor areas

“Homes that make you happy”. For us, this also includes the individual planning and designing of outdoor areas.
Even the most beautiful and stylish architecture can only come into its own if the outside area is able to offer a few hints at the building’s interior. This is the reason why Luxembourg-based JANS groupe not only develops an attractive building and a personalised interior tailored to the clients’ wishes, but also jointly plans the outdoor areas.

A harmonious overall appearance is key to the impression the exterior makes. In addition to the building and the interior design, this also applies to the outdoor areas. While taking the location into account, we develop an individual design according to the client’s wants and needs. Together we design and plan paving, car port structures, gabion walls for the garden, L-shaped concrete straightening elements, natural stone walls and terraces and integrate everything into the construction phase – creating a unique appearance in the process.

The concept is then complemented by subtle and detailed touches such as handrails, colourful features, plants and flowers and individual paving. Private and business clients alike can benefit from our expertise when it comes to outdoor areas.


Figuratively speaking, the facade of a house fulfills the same function as clothing for humans.
It protects, covers, insulates and represents. At first glance, the building’s quality and purpose already become obvious. As one of Luxembourg’s most innovative construction companies, JANS constructions are experts in facade cladding and reconstruction.

A facade is the signature of a house. Whether the covering is made of wood, Trespa, natural stone or steel, whether it’s plastered or clinkered, traditional or modern with numerous floor-level windows – the facade design is an important element of the initial planning. It should not only look stylish, but also play an especially vital role regarding energy efficiency, durability and sustainability. By means of appropriate insulation, intelligent facade constructions contribute considerably to comfort in the interior and a good heat transfer

We work hand-in-hand with our company groups during facade planning and conception phases and are therefore able to guarantee best possible client service and perfect realisation.