Young, creative and
motivated employees work
for the benefit of our clients

JANS groupe

More than 25 years

JANS has been established as a construction company on the Luxembourg market for more than 20 years. Steve and Marc Jans took the JANS groupe over from their father in 2017 and have been running the business ever since.


After the takeover, they are now responsible for four Luxembourg-based firms with more than 180 employees. The JANS groupe has expanded continuously over the past years and added more and more departments to its portfolio.


This dynamic development is also evident in our team. Young, creative and motivated employees are working for the benefit of our clients. They are also learning and profiting from experienced colleagues, some of whom have been working in the JANS groupe for over 20 years.


Wealth of experience

They share their wealth of experience with us and train our young employees to become specialists in their trades.

Fresh inspiration

In return, our long-term employees are continually given fresh inspiration. It’s vital to remember that nothing is more fatal for a construction company than stagnation!

Snapshot stories

We accompanied our employees through their day and took some snapshots.


Michael is your roofing expert with 20 years of experience. Since 2016, he’s been providing expertise as a timber construction technician both in large-scale projects as well as detailed work. He coordinates his team during the construction of traditional, modern, flat or green roofs and also curtain walls for timber houses.


Jeannot has been an integral part of our service department for over 20 years and his long-standing experience enables him to plan your project from start to finish. He finds the perfect solution for every query and keeps calm, even when dealing with the most creative project imaginable! Thanks to his accurate planning, there are no nasty surprises along the way.


Jean Pierre, who goes under the name of Jemp, is one of three truck drivers and has been working with our company for a good 18 years now. Jemp’s a particularly important key employee and is characterized by competence, integrity and a passion for his job. We can always rely on his driving skills and he keeps his cool in the longest of traffic jams or the toughest weather conditions.


Björn is a trained architect and construction manager and puts his expertise and skills into practice at all our respective locations. Thanks to his good humour, it’s always a pleasure to see him on the construction sites and in the office. With regard to the building permits, Björn draws up the construction plans, which allow your project to be visualized and realized in all its details. His training as an architect and also his love of detail enable him to react directly to changes or amendments, make adjustments to plans and forward your project. In his capacity as construction manager, he provides on-site supervision and makes sure everything goes according to plan and is on schedule.